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Endless Music That Will Help You Focus Or Relax

One of humanity’s best inventions is music, a very powerful tool that we can also use in our workplace. There are ideal songs to get up in a good mood in the morning, others that help us to get to work on time, some motivate us to give everything and there are even those that serve to calm our inner beast or to feel better.


Music serves many things and well used, can help us at times when we need some support. And although each one has their musical tastes and preferences, in general, we all agree to define what music relaxes us and which one helps us to disconnect from everything and focus on what we are doing.

Here we propose a selection of online services designed to offer musical threads with music that will help you in your day to day life both to be more productive and to be calm in times of stress.

As the name implies, serves to concentrate with the help of music. Similar to the service, this Web, with apps for iOS and Android, reproduce a selection of songs focused on work, productivity and, why not, the good atmosphere.

From Channels, you can choose between electronic, classical music, rain and downtempo sound, electronic music calmer but without reaching the chillout. And if you don’t like a song, skip it by pressing the Advance button. You can even get information about the song that sounds by clicking on Track info.

The purpose of is to leave the page in the background while you dedicate yourself to what you have to do accompanied by good music.

Calm Radio

A Spotify for relaxation. So we could define Calm Radio, an online service available for any platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Alexa …

Through a free subscription with advertising or paid, Calm Radio gives you access to more than 200 music channels whose purpose is to help us relax. For this, we can choose instruments or styles depending on what we like to listen to the most.

Calm Radio can be used both to work and to study or simply to relax after a long day or simply to leave a background in any event.


Michael Fesser is responsible for relaxdaily, a website where we can listen to relaxing music composed by him and that he offers for free to enjoy streaming from the browser in random mode or to play individually.

The music is organized in Tomorrow, Concentration, Sleep and Piano. Four channels that play endless background music while you dedicate yourself to your obligations. In addition, from Audio you can directly play any of the 139 songs organized in albums.

If we are regulars of relaxdaily we can collaborate with its author by contributing a donation in his Patreon profile.

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