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Useful Windows Features That You May Not Know

Windows 10 is a great operating system with innovative features that are worth trying. When Windows 7 was launched it was also full of new things, and the same with Windows 8. Unfortunately, there are many useful features of Windows that go completely unnoticed by most users, because although they are not hidden, they are also not in full view.

God Mode

The “God mode” consists of activating all the Windows settings in one place. When you enter God mode in Windows you will have available more than 240 shortcuts to the configuration of everything in your operating system: keyboard, sound, Windows Defender, system, region, voice recognition, programs, screens, personalization, energy and many more.

To activate God Mode go to the desktop and create a folder. Rename the folder and write this: GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} . Then, you just have to open the folder and start changing the configuration of your computer.

Step Registration

If you try to explain to a friend or family member how to solve a Windows problem and they are not in the same place, this insurance tool will help you. From Windows 7 onwards, Microsoft has included something called User Action Recording. It is a name a bit long and quite descriptive, but almost nobody knows it.

This tool is not used to record the screen. What it will do is make a step by step taking captures every time the user clicks on something. In addition, the program will add detailed process instructions without having to do anything else. When finished, the recording can be saved in a compressed file.

Reliability Monitor

If you think your operating system has been unruly in recent days and you are questioning its stability, you can use the Reliability Monitor. Windows is always monitoring all the processes you run and this tool keeps a history of absolutely all errors so you can check which days the computer had problems and why. This way you will be able to identify if there is any software that is mismatching the operation of your PC. To use it just open the start menu, type the word reliability and click on the reliability history. You must wait a couple of minutes for the report to be generated.

Energy Efficiency Diagnostics

If you have a laptop, the battery will be an important part of its performance. If you think your battery is lasting very shortly, you can request an energy efficiency diagnostic report. Here they will indicate all the problems you have, usually easy to solve with some changes in the system configuration.

To request the report you will have to open the Command Prompt, which you do by typing its name in the start menu. It is important that you run it with administrator permissions (right-click on Command Prompt, run as Administrator). Once opened, write the following: powercfg –energy and wait about 60 seconds to observe the behaviour of the system and generate a report. When finished you will create an HTML file that will be in the path: C: \ windows \ system32. Open the report with any browser and start looking at what you can do to improve the efficiency of your laptop’s battery.

WhaT Is Acmarket Apk And How To Use It

Ac Market APK: AcMarket is associated app store, very like the Google Play Store, each in look and performance. Here you’ll transfer any golem app or game, conjointly together with paid ones. AC Market has innumerable high golem Apk files which may be downloaded onto any golem smartphone at no price. The applications that square measure unprocurable on Google Play Store or deleted within the Google info attributable to policy violation square measure obtainable on AC Market Apk store.


Even if your country isn’t listed on the apps handiness you’ll Grab that apps from AcMarket with none issue. it’s such an incredible app if you’re keen on exploring new apps or use premium apps.

How To Use AC Market Apk

  • Open the app and you’ll see these categories: Games, Apps, and Mods.
  • This app section has similar apps from the Google Play Store together with some paid apps furthermore.
  • Go to Games or Apps wherever you’ll conjointly transfer paid Games and Apps for gratis.
  • The Mods section has one thing new that you just won’t have seen yet. it’s Modded version of games and apps.
  • There is a look bar on high of the house screen that you just will use to go looking for apps and games.
  • Once you discover the app or game that you just square measure searching for, simply faucet thereon and you’ll reach its page.
  • Now, you’ll see the 2 tabs portrayal the version and also the Install button severally.
  • Tap on the Install button and you’ll twig shortly which too the Mod version if it’s obtainable.

Features of Ac Market APK

AcMarket comes up with a dozen of distinctive options and it serves you all of them for gratis. it’ll ne’er raise you regarding cash, even there’s no subscription or paid version of this app. they’re doing all of this for gratis.

No Ads
One of the most effective and of this app is it doesn’t serve you any ads in the slightest degree, you’ll freely browse this app while not obtaining annyoed by spamming of advertisements.

Easy to use
The classes square measure well-arranged into a correct sequence and genre-wise. You don’t have to be compelled to rush for looking any app, simply bear the classes otherwise you will directly search from the search bar.

features of acmarket

Super quick transfer speed
It has a powerful transfer speed furthermore, it won’t allow you to look ahead to any minute. you’ll conjointly add a lot of tasks like multiple files downloading at a time.

No got to Root
AcMarket doesn’t raise you for root access, it’ll work on any golem Device, despite frozen or not.

Similar to Google Play Store
The look of this app is nearly same as Google Play Store {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} navigation system also. If you’re handy with Google Play then it won’t take a lot of time to know and be your favourite platform for downloading apps.

Is ACMarket Safe to Use?

Yes. The developers spent heaps of your time developing the app installer and ensuring it absolutely was safe to use. They issue regular updates that you want to install to stay it that approach. you must conjointly use respectable anti-virus software system to guard yourself too as a result of there is also a scoundrel app slip through the internet.

How To Delete AC Market

If ACMarket isn’t for you or it’s inflicting you a drag, simply delete it from your device:

  • Launch Settings>Applications
  • Tap ACMarket within the list
  • Tap on Uninstall
  • ACMarket are going to be deleted
    Simple as that

Alternative Apps

If you fancy making an attempt one thing a bit totally different, there square measure alternatives to AC Market:

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one among the most effective alternatives, providing thousands of apps and games. opt for kind changed stock apps, tweaked games, emulators, screen recorders and a lot of.


TutuApp is another glorious different and was one among the primary to be discharged. With thousands of changed apps and games on provide, with many tweaks thrown certain smart live, it’s price a glance.